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Are we a scam?

Everyone is dying to know...


The short answer is no. 


However, because we wholeheartedly desire to reassure you, allow us to share some background on who we are, where we started, and WHY The ARTS is the safest place you will experience as an aspiring artist. 


It is so very important, to all of us at Applause, that we create a safe environment for all ages and demographics of humans who enter our space. Our staff, alone, represents a plethora of those same demographics, so we understand on a very personal level what it means to create a safe place. Frankly put, we want our staff to feel safe also. 


Our mission statement plainly states the following:


“Our #1 goal in everything we do, is to make sure people feel valued and respected; from the employees in our office, to the agents we invite to our showcase, and people just like you who audition for us each year.


By creating an environment free from prejudice and discrimination, respecting the rights of everyone, and not just accepting individual differences, but fully embracing them, we’ve seen our business grow. More importantly, we’ve seen individuals flourish and develop their talents…even discover new talents, as they venture into fresh experiences.


It’s our hope that no matter who you are, where you’re from, who you love, what you believe…no matter your age, race, ethnic origin, gender, religion or beliefs…that you’ll feel accepted and loved by our ARTS Family. “


Why do we share this here? So you know how valued you are.


It was 15 years ago, Kim Myers sat on a board for a company which scouted talent for top agents. One of her (then) artists was signed to a well known fashion agency as a model. He was asked to push his ethical/moral boundaries for a photo/catalogue shoot. He refused. The agent was very upset and Kim flew from her home to New York to promptly be by her artist’s side to fully support his decision. It was her final straw. 


Because of so many discrepancies similar to the former, she stepped down from the board shortly after and built the Applause Casting Network. Kim Myers started with one small show in Columbus, Ohio. Now, nearly 15 years later, The ARTS is serving more than 1500 artists every year in two shows in Orlando, Florida and Burbank, California. In addition, Kim is asked several times a year to be involved in castings for several projects by top agents all over the world. She has been personally invited to countries such as Canada and South Africa. Why? Because they know her business ethics intimately. 


Kim is a mama bear, a hawk, a personal body guard if you need her to be. There is nothing she would not do to protect you as one of her own. She does not make any commitments she cannot follow through with. She is adamant in her business decisions and will take time in making those same decisions. She is meticulous, transparent, committed, authentic, and willing to go an extra mile so her artists, and their families, feel completely at ease. Because of this, the rest of us here at Applause follow our fearless leader in her footsteps and we are the exact same. This is the ONLY thing we CAN guarantee here at Applause!


Your children, your partners, your spouses, your mothers, your fathers, become just the same to all of us. 


Simply put? We are all family here and that includes you, too.


We look forward to seeing you at your auditions, your callbacks, and the shows in Orlando and Burbank!


Much love from all of us here,



The Applause Casting Staff

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