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Meet Our Team!


- Our Story -

As a family owned and operated business, we know the importance of embarking on this journey together. Our entire team and group of participants come together as one big family for the auditions, education and training, and of course our spectacular talent show. The entertainment industry has its own gray areas and it can be intimidating to find the right way to success.

Although the industry has shifted over the years, our approach and personal touch remain consistent. Kim's audition technique paired with her ability to make participants realize their significance and importance (regardless of talent level, age, background, etc.) is unparalleled.

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- Our Mission -

An Important Note on Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion


Our #1 goal in everything we do, is to make sure people feel valued and respected; from the employees in our office, to the agents we invite to our showcase, and people just like you who audition for us each year.


By creating an environment free from prejudice and discrimination, respecting the rights of everyone, and not just accepting individual differences, but fully embracing them, we’ve seen our business grow. More importantly, we’ve seen individuals flourish and develop their talents…even discover new talents, as they venture into fresh experiences.


It’s our hope that no matter who you are, where you’re from, who you love, what you believe…no matter your age, race, ethnic origin, gender, religion or beliefs…that you’ll feel accepted and loved by our ARTS Family. 


- Kim Myers -

Executive Producer
International Scout 
Motivational Speaker

Kim’s a motivational speaker first, and a talent scout second; fostering hope, and encouraging everyone she meets to DREAM BIG!

Throughout her 25 year career, Kim has launched literally thousands of artists, now appearing on Broadway, in films, TV series, voice-overs, International fashion runways, magazines, billboards, and so much more!

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- Rick Myers -

Executive Director
Development Coach

Rick's been guiding and developing aspiring new artists for over 20 years! With a degree in Music Education, and Vocal Training, he is uniquely able to prepare them for an experience of a lifetime!

Working with potential actors, models, singers, and dancers on their overall performance, stage presence, and delivery, he encourages everyone to pursue their dreams with hard work and perseverance.

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- Christina Ody -

Executive Administrator
National Scout
Development Coach

Christina brings a wealth of knowledge and an extensive list of success stories with her years as a talent agent! In addition, she has worked as a fashion stylist, acting coach, talent consultant, and has placed many artists in major fashion and production castings nationally.

Christina is very passionate about helping develop talent and teach them how to advance their performance to the next level.


- Ashley Myers -

National Scout
Talent Advisor

Ashley brings literally a lifetime of experience to the Applause Talent team! The second generation of the Applause Talent organization, she shares the joy and excitement of guiding and directing artists to their fullest potential.

Ashley works in our main office, interacting with all of our Applause Talent families, as she guides each one toward the Applause Talent experience!


- Brooke Smith -

National Scout
Talent Advisor
Dance Instructor

Brooke has a lifetime of experience in dance and performance, and as a signed artist with a leading commercial agency, she has been cast for TV commercials, print work, and countless productions on stage!


Brooke works in our main office, and has constant interaction with our rising stars, guiding them toward their experience on the Applause Talent stage!


- Alex Myers -

National Scout
Showcase Operations

Alex has been a part of Applause Talent for his entire life. Learning from a young age, he has been exposed to the unique roller coaster of this industry, and has had a front-row seat in witnessing the launch of hundreds of stars!!


Alex works in our main office, alongside our team in all of the planning and producing of Applause Talent's big events in Los Angeles & Orlando.

- Kerri Avalos -

National Scout

Kerri has been in the industry since 2003 when she began directing a theater school . Her unique and gifted talents have allowed her opportunities to be present on many commercial and film sets. She is currently assisting Top Shelf Entertainment as their assistant casting director.


Kerri has had first hand experience with Applause Casting Network when all three of her children were scouted by Kim Myers in Salisbury, MD. Kerri has been with Applause Casting Network for two years and enjoys meeting new aspiring talent. 

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